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How does one choose?

Wednesday 06/04/2016

Debby Faulkner-Stevens

My grandchildren love drawing, and I am amassing a fantastic collection of their efforts. From Izabella’s first amoeba like ‘faces’ to her latest rather sophisticated portrayals of animals and her brother’s fantastically detailed pictures of Captain Hook, combine harvesters and cars galore, my file of their work is bulging and I fear some editing is needed. How can I possibly consign any of these precious pieces of paper to the recycling bin? For now, I shall hang on to every one. Perhaps in time it will be easier to be rational about it and save only the ‘best’. Perhaps ....

It’s no great surprise that they have a healthy interest in creating images as they have artistic DNA on both sides of their family. Their other grandmother is a skilled celebration cake maker and fashions amazing things out of icing. The cakes she has made for the children’s birthdays are really fantastic. I researched a ‘Who do you think you are’ style history and  family tree for my son in law when he as thirty and, to everyone’s surprise, discovered that his paternal great grandfather had made his living as an artist in Victorian London. Despite my best efforts, I could find no further details about him and no examples of his work, but I haven’t given up hope of some more information turning up. Of course, the grandchildren may turn out to be sensible accountants and engineers, but I’m sure creativity in some shape or form will pay a large part in their lives.
It’s nose to the grindstone here as I found out to my horror that I was a month adrift in my work schedules, and the hand in date for the Hilliard Society exhibition is just two weeks away . I was convinced the work was due in in May - wishful thinking probably as we have a ridiculously busy April. Oh well. Sometimes things don’t go to plan but the sun is shining, I have a good stock of coffee pods lined up and I had already decided on the subjects for the miniatures so I do know what I am doing – I think!


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