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Sunshine after the rain ...

Wednesday 08/06/2016

Debby Faulkner-Stevens

At last some sun. The garden is bursting into life and I am slowly returning to creativity.We were very glad to see the back of May.  Too much illness and stress in the family and, sadly, the death of Alan’s father just over twelve months since that of his mother. Tough times, and on top of everything else, lengthy struggles with the authorities, banks and service providers.
I have one piece of advice to impart as a result of all this – appoint someone, not your partner - to be Power of Attorney over your affairs.So many people say, ‘Everything is in order, I have made a will’, but a will is only OK if the beneficiary is capable of handling the affairs of the deceased and, in Alan’s dad case, he was not as he suffered from dementia and had been for some years.

Try closing accounts, stopping standing orders, insurance payments, utility bills, diverting  pension payments that keep being paid in to what is effectively a dormant account, to the council to help towards care fees or speak to anyone in authority without Power of Attorney, only to be told again and again, we need to speak to your father, we need his signature, we cannot speak to you as you have no legal authority.

A Court of Protection Order granting Alan deputyship over his father’s affairs was finally given a few weeks before his death at quite a substantial cost, not only financially but emotionally. So, and this blog is not sponsored by our solicitor! make someone Power of Attorney sooner rather than later as nobody knows when incapacity may strike through illness or accident, and it is far easier to do it when all is well and all involved understand the situation, than have it forced on you retrospectively if things go wrong.

Lecture over, and on to brighter things. Not surprisingly painting has not been top of my priorities just lately, but thankfully Doctor Work has been a welcome escape and therapy for both Alan and myself, and we have kept plugging on albeit at a somewhat reduced pace. Also, we have had some long overdue work done to the house so I have been on tea duty to a posse of delightful skilled craftsmen over a couple of weeks, and their conversation and company has eased things no end.

I have completed six new works for my exhibition on this site and have just started a seventh large piece featuring rather a lot of cats – I do like a challenge! All four of my entries to the SWA Annual Exhibition have been accepted and I am looking forward to a trip to London in July to view the exhibition and catch up with some old friends.

My online exhibition is giving me the chance to do some work in a slightly different manner to my usual style and I have one or two very different subjects up my sleeve.

Our wedding anniversary is fast approaching and I have put in a request for a day out at Mary Arden’s farm near Stratford upon Avon as I am suffering severe Tudor withdrawal symptoms and need to visit somewhere old with lots of beams and panelling. It seems to tick all the boxes and according to the website, there is a horse too ... sounds perfect!

'The garden is bursting into life''The garden is bursting into life'

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