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Even more inspiration...

Saturday 23/07/16

Debby Faulkner-Stevens

Two more trips to inspirational places and events and the paint brushes are whirling away despite the heat.
Firstly, to a wonderful traditional Greek Cypriot wedding at a gem of a church near Hatfield. Of course, the bride was the star of the show looking so beautiful in a gorgeous dress and veil but my eyes did wander about a bit when faced with the incredible interior of what, from the outside, looked like a typical small Victorian C of E church.


Once inside, we were transported to another country and culture with astounding icons, fantastic altar piece and screen, richly embellished candelabra, copious decoration and to quote Howard Carter, ‘everywhere the glint of gold’.
The reception was marvellous with traditional Greek music and dancing and paper chains of money pinned to the bride and groom. Not a single plate was smashed though – not done these days apparently!
My head was still spinning with all this imagery and I was wondering how I could incorporate some of what I had seen into some new work when, two weeks later, we were back in Hatfield but this time to visit that most English of Tudor stately homes, Hatfield House. Absolutely stunning panelling and woodwork and some wonderful paintings – the one that caught my eye was by an unknown artist and was a head and shoulders of a young boy whose face was lit by the soft yellow glow of a lit taper. Marvellous.
So, my poor head is overloaded with a thousand and one images, and I have already taken inspiration from our visit to the Greek Orthodox to produce an icon style St George and the Dragon on vellum. A dear friend recently sent me an icon of St George – we share a love of collecting religious bits and bobs – so the church visit just gave me the shove I needed. She also sent me a box of Russian watercolours that she discovered being sold on the internet. Treating herself to some and being very impressed with the ‘juicy’ colours, she very kindly sent me a set and wow, those colours are incredible, especially when used on vellum. St George’s dragon is the most extraordinary green, used straight from the block of colour with just a little detailing on top for the definition in his wings. He is framed now, and sitting in the studio waiting for the rest of my work for the online exhibition to be completed – twelve paintings so far, but still working .....

Hatfield house Hatfield house Hatfield House Tudor stately home, HatfieldHatfield House Tudor stately home, Hatfield Greek Cypriot wedding nr HatfieldGreek Cypriot wedding nr Hatfield

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