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Time for miniatures ............

Thursday 11/08/2016

Debby Faulkner-Stevens

I have recently had an email from the Royal Miniature Society asking for a list of my works that I am exhibiting at this years exhibition in October.
That caused a slight panic here in the studio as I hadn’t even thought about subjects for the paintings, let alone have any titles and so I have been having a good think (and several cups of coffee to sharpen the brain) as to what the theme for this years entries might be.


Because of recent trips to ancient buildings and some other influences, including an excellent documentary on TV of the lost manuscript of Julian of Norwich, I have been veering towards the medieval and also traditional sayings and folklore. This is a theme I have visited often in the past, but it is such a rich and inspirational field I thought it was well worth another look for some fresh interpretations.
I bought a book on old fashioned lore when we visited Mary Arden’s farm recently. It has some rather nice reproductions of wood engravings by Thomas Bewick b. 1753, and the design and layout has proved inspirational in other directions – more of which at some point in the future ...
I am relieved to say, I now have six subjects for miniatures and can furnish the RMS with the information the require – all I have to do is produce the paintings. For me, this is the easier part of the process – it’s the ideas and planning the work that can be the hardest task. Sometimes the ideas simply refuse to come.
A visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge is a must for us as they are showing some of their rarely seen illuminated manuscripts. The exhibition is on until the end of December so we should be able to make it – this year, like all the rest, seems to be galloping away at fearful speed! A day in Cambridge is always welcome and the Fitzwilliam is such a treasure house. I hope we don’t leave it til the last minute.
I am getting quite excited about my online exhibition. All the paintings are finished, mounts cut and most are already framed – just a few need glazing and then I’m ready to go. A bit of a leap in to the unknown for me and nice to have a studio full of work that, if not sold in the exhibition, is ready for me to send off to new outlets. 2017 will be seeing a change of direction and new projects and all to look forward to, so, coffee pot on and back in the studio to start on the miniatures for this year.
First up, ‘When all candels be out all cats be grey’, and no, that’s not a spelling mistake – well not in 1549 it wasn’t!

Dum Felis Dormit  ( when the cat sleeps .. )Dum Felis Dormit ( when the cat sleeps .. ) April MoonApril Moon

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