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A New Year.......

Thursday 05/01/17

Debby Faulkner-Stevens

I have been filling in dates on my 2017 calendar this morning and already the year is looking very full and busy.
Once again we have the conversation, 'What's happened to the years? Why does time speed by so incredibly quickly the older we get?'

Alan read an interesting article on this phenomena. We all remember school holidays that seemed to last for ever; now the year zips by at an alarming rate. Spring will be here before we know it, the summer passes in a flash and suddenly we are noticing the leaves falling from the trees and are planning Christmas again.
The answer, according to this article, is that as we age our lives become more and more routine with, generally, less time for new experiences, and so the days appear to fly by as they are all rather 'samey' with little to stick in our brains as exciting or worth focusing on. Therefore, time appears to contract and the years run away with you.
The solution is to cram your life with new experiences and replicate those patterns of childhood and youth when every day brought a new discovery and suddenly time expands again - oh how simple it all sounds!
I never make New Years resolutions, I really don't want to set myself up to fail, and I'm not going to start cramming every waking moment with new experiences to try and fool myself into thinking I have gained some more time. I do my best. I work hard and then allow myself a treat of a day out with friends as a reward.
 My maxim is KBO - ( those who did not have friends or family who went through the war may have to look that one up) it was a favourite expression of my Dad's, always makes me smile and is probably the best advice anyone can give, especially in these uncertain times.

Something to cheer the heart - For the past few years, ten houses in a cul de sac off our small estate of just eighty eight houses has gone Christmas barmy and decorated all their houses and gardens with the most spectacular display of lights and assorted festive paraphernalia. They have a grand switch on at the beginning of December and in the days up to New Years Eve raise amazing amounts of money for our local hospice. It has become a real tourist attraction, with visitors from far and wide and this year alone they raised £11,250 from the two collection boxes in the street.
Quite remarkable how kind and generous people are even when times are tough for many.
Heartwarming too, to see on Christmas morning in our small village church, a congregation of all ages and races, babies and toddlers, old locals, newcomers, Somali, Eastern European. Asian, oriental and black.
Restores faith in humanity, even if it's just our little corner of the world, when so much hatred and division has been thrown up by recent political events.
It's a glorious day with bright sunshine - the photo at the head of this blog taken during sunrise over the garden this morning. No more tapping on this machine. Off to the studio to work on the last of the illustrations for The Winters Tale book due to be finished by the beginning of February. It's on my calendar!
KBO - and a Happy New Year to all.

Christmas 2016Christmas 2016 Christmas 2016Christmas 2016 Sunrise over the garden Sunrise over the garden

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