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Love Rocks.....

Tuesday 27/02/18

Debby Faulkner-Stevens

The grandchildren are really into the latest craze going around  these parts - Love Rocks - painting on stones or pebbles and leaving them for people to find when they are out walking.

The idea is that people can re hide them for others to find or take them home, the choice is yours, and clues are left to the stones whereabouts by posting photos on social media.

It's proved fantastically popular with all ages, both in the painting and the hunting, and certainly adds something to a family walk around town or to the local parks. I have overseen a few creations by the children - not that they need any help with art work, they are very competent - and have done a couple myself with them - nothing fancy, just simple designs with a Sharpie pen. The irony of my doing designs on pebbles has not passed me by as I started my career many years ago painting pebbles and selling them at craft markets. I'm always amazed how many people still have one or two on their shelves even after forty years. One even turned up on eBay recently.

I leave the social media side of the Love Rocks craze to my our daughter. I have the most basic of Granny phones with no camera facility, much to the grandchildren's consternation, and I don't subscribe to the social media thing. How does anyone find the time??? It's a mystery to me!

Meanwhile, back in the studio, the six miniatures for this years Hilliard Society annual exhibition are nearing completion and once they are done an interesting commission is next up on the drawing board.

This winter seems to have been the gloomiest I can remember for a long time and, although I have my brilliant daylight LED strip lights in the studio, there is nothing like a drop of winter sun to speed along the painting and to lift the spirits too. The garden is bursting into life and spring cant be far away.

Here's to longer days, renewed enthusiasm and creativity - and a Love Rock hunt or two ....

love Rockslove Rocks

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