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The incredible unseasonal February weather..........

Thursday 28/02/19

Debby Faulkner-Stevens

The incredible unseasonal February weather has been wonderful for painting - the light quite amazing and the added bonus of a garden full of birds who have made charming models for several miniature paintings these last couple of weeks.
We are so lucky to have a garden bordered by mature trees, bushes and shrubs and a small patch of ancient woodland just a stones throw away so the variety of wildlife they support is marvellous. 




Alan has hung three bird feeders in our apple tree and puts down bread and scraps each morning, The thrushes, blackbirds -and pigeons - wait for him now and the blackbirds especially get very cross and call loudly if he is late with their breakfast.

Our 'cafe' also has regular visits from a flock of long tailed tits, blue tits - who are busy building nests in our eaves - great tits, robins, dunnocks, sparrows, wrens, goldfinches, magpies and occasionally, a pair of jays, although they seem happier hopping about and shrieking noisily in the large trees behind our house.

We were so happy to see that the starlings had returned and were investigating the gap under the barge boards at the front of the house. We have had many a brood of starlings hatched up there - once three broods in one year - but last year there was no sign of them. We guessed that the severe weather had killed one or both of the nesting pair, but happily two birds have been spotted flying in and out above the guttering so we are hoping the Starling Nursery will be up and running again this spring.

My back issues are still not fully resolved but thankfully I am much more mobile than I was and, most important of all, I can paint for several hours a day. Not as many hours as I would like, but an improvement all the same and I have been able to keep up with all my commitments.

America is proving very rewarding for me and sales of my miniatures show no sign of slowing up with work going steadily at the Seaside Art Gallery, and new venues the MASF, and the Snow Goose Gallery, who have invited me to show work with them at their Art of the Miniature Exhibition. Showing work there is by invitation only so it's an honour to be asked and the gallery owner, Mary Serfass, is a very well respected miniature painter herself who often judges at art exhibitions in the States.

As I am ahead of myself with gallery and exhibition commitments I shall be spending the greater part of March finishing my bit of the Great Secret Project - so nearly finished! - and returning to another Secret Project that has had to take a back seat for a few months. Both are very inspiring and huge fun and could lead to some exciting times ahead.

When most of my contemporaries are already retired or about to be, I am planning all sorts of projects well in to the future - and wondering what I' m going to when I grow up!

The incredible unseasonal February weather..........The incredible unseasonal February weather..........

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