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Where did January go?

Sunday 23/02/20

Debby Faulkner-Stevens


Hard to believe we are nearly at the end of February and January was a hive of activity in the studio.
Thankfully, the weather wasn't too gloomy and some glorious days of winter sun helped the painting process no end. Nothing like natural light!
Our garden is full of 'models' for the miniatures. We seem to have an abundance of goldfinches - twenty being the most spotted at one sitting. Lovely to see wrens bustling about under the potted acers close to the patio doors. Such delightful little birds with their sticky up tails and so often mistaken for brown leaves blowing around in the borders. Hard to spot sometimes but always a joy when you catch a glimpse.

In between painting I have been clearing out kitchen cupboards. Something very satisfying about throwing things away and having a good old clean ! All this activity has been prompted by the looming date of April 1st when, after fifteen years of living with the bodged and ill planned kitchen we inherited from the previous owners of our house, we have bitten the bullet and are going ahead with our daughter's design for a new one.
She has been pestering us for a while and tempting us with virtual reality plans - it is her job after all. It will be great when it's done - just the thought of all the dust and disruption!

I shall be having an enforced rest from painting while it's all going on so I am planning to retreat to the caravan - luckily it has a cooker and fridge so we'll be able to eat something other than takeaways - and finish the children's  book I am writing. 7,500 words and just about half way through. The main character was born on a journey home from school when the grandchildren were making up silly names in the back of the Jeep. I thought the name was too good not to be used in some way and so a story came to me.
This is just for my own pleasure and an interesting exercise - no thoughts of publishing, and definitely no thoughts of illustrating it. The only drawing I have done is of the main character as I wanted an image in front of me as I planned the story, and she certainly is a character. There is a little of Izabella about her dare I say ....
I hope the grandchildren enjoy it when it's done. They love books and devour them eagerly. Not sure if they will be so keen on Granny's effort.


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