Book launch

  • Jessica Fluffy Gurmington Swine

So excited to finally take delivery of my children's book, 'Jessica Fluffy Gurmington Swine'. Wonderful to see it in print after all this time and to be able to hold an actual book. 

The story features Jessica and her friend Hugo who go in search of the truth behind the tale of the Gurmington Swine curse - that the eldest Gurmington Swine child will turn into a pig for a year and a day on the eve of their tenth birthday.
Jessica is about to turn ten and is, understandably, rather concerned.
With the help of her grandparents, Jessica and Hugo travel to see her eccentric aunt, Louella Lulabelle, and find out more about what Jessica refers to as her 'super weird' family.

The book is priced at 6.99 and I will be happy to deal with any enquiries through this website.