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On this page are examples of Debby's miniature work on calfskin vellum, some of which have been exhibited with the RMS at the Mall galleries in London.
The selection of miniatures for inclusion in the Royal Society of Miniature Painters Annual Exhibition is very exacting, and all Members are subjected to the selection process.
There is no automatic acceptance to the exhibition simply because you are a Member, and Membership can be withdrawn if the selection committee feel that the Member's work no longer comes up to the standards expected.
Every work is judged on its quality and also on the quality of the presentation.
Maximum overall size for square miniatures, including picture, frame and mount, is 4.5" x 4.5". The images on vellum shown here are 2" square and when framed measure 3.5" square.

Debby is very priviliged to be among the 150 or so Members of the Society, has had all her work accepted for hanging since her election and has twice sold every one of her entries.
Bind to Me
Candels be Out
May Flowers
Make Hay
One for the Mouse
Birds of Onkynde
Pussycat Pussycat
Little Tommy
Lambs Tails
Magpie Magpie
Goosey Gander
A Scold of Jays
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