News 2019

It has been a fantastic start to 2019 with yet more success for me in America.
I submitted six miniatures to the MASF exhibition in Tarpon Springs and received this email from Lynette Vaughan the exhibition chairman -

'I have been admiring your work on your website for some time now and want to say thank you for sending your beautiful artwork to our exhibition. What a pleasure it was to open your package and to see the works within.
I am pleased to inform you all of your paintings sold within the first ninety minutes after the doors to the exhibition opened.
Congratulations! There were so many wonderful comments from all who stopped to admire your works on display.
We hope to see more of your work in the future'.

I also have four paintings in the Animals in Art Show at the Seaside Art Gallery in Nags Head, North Carolina, and three of the pieces sold pre exhibition.
I am sending entries for the 28th International Miniature Exhibition at the gallery and I have been thrilled with the association with the Seaside Art Gallery that has seen sales of over twenty five paintings in 2018.

I am also delighted that I have been accepted as a member of the Society of Limners here in the UK and am greatly looking forward to exhibiting work with them in July.


News 2018

I was delighted to win an award for The Best Watercolour/Opaque at the Seaside Gallery 27th International Miniature Art Show in America.
My three entries all sold within hours of arriving in the US, as did the next four pieces I sent out and another four just delivered.
A fantastic start to a new association with the gallery and I am currently working on more miniatures shortly to make the journey across the Atlantic.

Four of the latest miniatures that have made the journey to the US

Titania, picture above, was destined for exhibition in London, but was sold before she left my drawing board.
I'm very happy she will be going to a wonderful new home.

Almost completed is the painting of hares shown below - just a few finishing details to be done of the hares faces and coats. Now sold.

Just finished - the miniature triptych on vellum - Five For Silver. Headed for America.

The Great Secret Project with an old school friend is almost complete. We had talked about wrapping it up it by the end of 2017 but are in no rush and are so enjoying the process - and the lunches - that we would rather it takes another few months and be fun for us, than try and hurry things along and it becomes a chore. A sure fire way to stifle creativity! We are quietly thrilled with it all and feeling rather pleased with ourselves if the truth be told.

Last year I had a fascinating commission from a dolls house and miniature collector, the results of which are shown below. The frame for the Dutch style style life has been gilded and the the birds and berries painted to look like embroidery has been fitted into a miniature firescreen.
Both pieces are to be displayed in a beautiful historically accurate Tudor style house, just one of the owners wonderful dolls houses and room settings. The more conventionally sized mouse and blackberries will join two owl miniatures of mine on the walls of her fascinating house.


Two of the six miniatures shown at the 2017 Royal Miniature Society Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London.
All of the paintings are on vellum and measure 2" square.

I also have a commission from a client in New York who is a great Anglophile so am currently working out how to get as much 'Englishness' into a 2" square painting as is humanly possible!

All three books in the Midsummer Mouse series by Barry Thornton are selling very well with a number of the sold old first edition popping up on book sites with an asking price of £75. Of course, whether they achieve that remains to be seen, but it's nice to think some people out there think they are worthy of that amount of money!

B and W Thornton of Stratford upon Avon have a good range of new work by myself including these two small paintings on vellum, a new set of miniatures based on the poetry of Thomas Hardy, and the lion and tiger shown below.

The Anita Emmerich Presentation Award 2016

I was delighted to have won the Anita Emmerich Presentation Award at the RMS Annual Exhibition in October 2016.
The exquisite solid silver, gold plated magnifying glass shown above, is engraved with the RMS logo, my name and date of the award and was made by master gold and silversmiths, Padgham and Putland. Their website is well worth visiting to read about their incredible work and to see examples of commissions.

The award was for my miniature painting on vellum of. 'When candels be out', one of a set of six pieces inspired by old sayings and folklore. The borders and calligraphy on the paintings were loosely based on Tudor manuscripts and artwork - the result of several wonderful trips to stately and domestic houses of the period which sent my imagination off in a different direction and proved the inspiration for the set.

As always I welcome commissions from clients wishing for something created specifically to their requirements, and already in 2017 have some interesting and unusual requests which will challenge me. 


Some commissions from 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed painting an interpretation of a favourite poem as a surprise 70th birthday gift from two daughters to their mother.
She was taught ‘Les Elfes’ in French at school. It is a poem that holds a special place in her heart and memories and she still fondly recites it to this day. As it was a special gift for a very special occasion, I hand painted an illuminated dedication to attach to the back of the painting – something I like to do for all commissions.
I completed the piece back in the spring and, once the painting was delivered, the daughters had to keep the secret until the day of the birthday at the end of July.
I received this lovely email in thanks -

‘Mum ... was hugely surprised and absolutely delighted with it. She kept saying it was ‘really special’ and couldn’t believe it, and when she turned it over and saw the dedication she was completely blown away when she realised it was just for her.
One of the first things she said is that she can’t wait to show it to her school friends and how she wished her French teacher was still around to see it.
Thank you again for painting such a wonderful gift to give. it will be very much loved’.

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