Other Projects

Most artists are interested in all aspects of the arts and I am no exception.

In another life I would Love to have been involved in fashion design, theatrical makeup, theatre and film set design, jewellery making, ballet, music and writing, but that would have taken ten lifetimes merely to scratch the surface of that list.

My ever growing collection of original Biba objects, Victorian and Edwardian illustrated books and vintage Vogue magazines from the 60's and 70's continue to give me great pleasure and inspiration, as do our days out at historic houses and country churches. Many things that I have seen and experienced get subtly recycled into paintings and illustrations.I love to try and include favourite items or pieces of architecture in my work: for example, a recent work, 'A Murder of Crows,' has a thinly disguised ancient house from our village in the background.

Purely for my own pleasure, I have indulged in a bit of pottery, hand building character pots from stoneware clay and I still have a long held ambition to build a small model village for the garden. Time, alas, prevents this at present - but never say never.
One Christmas I wrote, illustrated, printed and hand bound three copies of what could loosely be described as a 'graphic novel' featuring the three cats we had at the time. Truly a limited edition, one copy was for my husband, one for our daughter and the other for one of my dearest friends.

I loved doing the project and the looseness and spontaneity of black and white illustrations and it fired my imagination to produce some hand made books for the grandchildren. Whether they will survive the test of time in their eager hands is debatable, but as long as they enjoy the stories I'm happy!

I have, over the years, designed hundreds of images for the rubber stamps used in card making. They sell in places such as Hobbycraft and on the TV shopping channels and are in a very simple style - often cartoon like in nature and not immediately recognisable as my work although my daughter can pick my designs out of a large shop display with ease!

Cars, as always, are predominant in our lives, and our latest acquisition, a genuine WW11 1942 Willys Jeep is currently in a thousand pieces awaiting restoration. Hopefully, it will be ready by the time the grandchildren get their provisional licenses - somewhere around 2027 in Izabella's case, but I am sure it will provide hours of fun in Baba's workshop long before that time comes.